Preparation as Flower Seller before Valentine

Exactly one year ago, I decided to become a flower seller (please like Facebook fan page my flower shop 😀 ). My passion on interest led me to this business. Is not this high-risk business? Indeed, because the flowers have withered sensitivities. However, because the passion for flowers I learned strategies to minimize these risks by making the flowers fresh longer. The strategy is to replace the water that has been added antibacterial agents as media immersion of flowers regularly, do not let the flower exposed to excessive sunlight, cut flower parts either leaves or petals are yellow or disease, cut end of the stem with a slope of 45 degrees, and so forth, Given this business will be extremely beneficial when Valentine, I as a flower seller that has the main purpose to get profit in addition to developing the business trying to do various preparations as much as possible ahead of Valentine. Here are some of my preparations:

Expand stock. Demand interest ahead of or during Valentine will certainly increase. Due from various backgrounds and age do not miss to give the gift of flowers on Valentine’s Day. Starting from this condition, I would not disappoint consumers who have visited or booked online by increasing the stock of flowers, especially red roses that are excellent when Valentine. I place an order from the manufacturer of long ago that was not preceded by the old or new competitors who seek sustenance impromptu.

Recruit flower courier. Not everyone has the time come to my flower shop or directly visiting a Valentine gift recipient. Therefore, I draw the attention of potential customers by offering a free flower delivery facilities (for residing in the city) and with little additional cost for living outside the city. To support this service, I recruited flower courier are quite experienced and reliable driving. Especially those which many know the places inside or outside the city. Live online messages, flowers ready to be sent or delivered to the desired place 😀

Buy goods support. Packaging flower bouquets for Valentine so I think. It also includes interest and consumer satisfaction. I buy support such as greeting cards, chocolates, and stuffed. Consumers who want a greeting card along with flowers, chocolates, or dolls will incur additional costs that are not are not too expensive. I buy these items in various types. It is hoped that consumers can customize the bag.

Add flowers coupling skills. In addition to tariffs, rates offered coupling technique was a consideration of consumers before making the purchase. Hence, in order that consumers are interested in buying I tried to offer attractive interest coupling techniques. A variety of media ranging from books to information on the Internet (one of them in I use to add my skill. After getting arranging flower, I tried it again and again until the end result is absolutely in line with expectations.

Preparation into supporting aspects of business success. Hopefully the information and ideas that I gave this to my friends use to succeed into fixed or impromptu flower seller 😀 Good luck 😀

Food Packs for Christmas Hamper

In addition to decorating a fir tree with various accessories typical Christmas and prepare food to eat with loved ones, Christians also usually prepare the parcel before Christmas. To save the budget, there are some of them who prefer to make their own Christmas parcel. Christmas food gift baskets are usually the most widely chosen. In addition to the cost of making relatively affordable, yet flexible nature can be given to anyone of any circle. For security, the following tips when buying food packs for Christmas parcels:

Do not ignore the brand

There are many types of food that can be used as the contents of the parcel. However, you should select food packaging that has the brand already known even have become mindset. Why is that? The quality of branded packaged foods that are much better than those who are not branded. One of them can be seen from the branded foods generally have received a registration number from BPOM. This number can be checked directly in the packaging of food or BPOM official website. Although the price offered is slightly more expensive, for the safety of the parcel recipient and family why not?

Do not ignore the condition of the packaging

The food will be purchased from the snack, biscuit tins, to beverage bottles, for the contents of the parcel, make sure the packaging is in good condition. Food packaging deflated with the condition, dented, rusted, or others should not be purchased. Fear of food already in a condition not suitable for consumption because it is contaminated with bacteria, which can cause diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, dizziness, and others. Therefore, do not always focused on the expiration date of any packaged food, note the condition of the packaging is still good or not.

Do not forget to check the composition

Any material contained in food packaging will be purchased? Should select foods that are made of herbal ingredients. In addition, if the recipient is known allergies to seafood, strawberries, nuts, or so forth, should not be given. In the selection of the contents of the parcel do not attach great importance to your liking, but the recipient’s favorite. Good food packaging will have the composition of the materials used. If no, should be alert and able to switch to other foods.

Do not underestimate the size of the

For the size of food packaging must be well thought out. Do not buy all the food mini-sized packaging. Not beautiful when arranged in a basket parcel if all-sized mini. Most of the food packaging that will buy large-sized placed under or behind. For that small can be placed at the top. sehinngga look full. However, also adjust the size, shape, and material used baskets parcels.

To view the forms and how to prepare a Christmas parcel, please do not hesitate to use this twitter account. However, if you do not want the hassles of going about this, please buy Christmas food parcels at Flower Advisor. Christmas hampers are offered customized with bags and desires. Evident from the price and content of diverse parcels. For payment, do not have to worry ranging from Visa, MasterCard, PayPal until everything is allowed.

parsel 1Who is not familiar with any parcels before the feast we encounter in the supermarket or in the market. Baskets has become one of the traditions that is used as a gift to share with others. Likewise, when the feast of Christmas hampers can also be used as a gift to share. So, when the feast, not only gifts can be a Christmas tradition, but it can also be an option parcel gifts. To make your Christmas moments more interesting to give the impression to others, you should select the parcels corresponding to the person who will receive the parcel. Want to know how you can buy a good Christmas parcel? Here’s how:

Decide who will receive it

The first way you have to do to buy a Christmas parcel to determine who will receive it. Do parents, friends, family, or business associates? Anyone who would you give this Christmas parcels to be more prudent, should be adjusted in advance. For example, you want to buy a Christmas gift parcels to your business relations, it is better to look for an appropriate parcel contents. Try looking for another parcel contents of the other. Search the contents of parcels that are not in the form of food or drink, but choose a good and unique parcels, such as parcels with the contents of glassware to make it more memorable. If indeed you have a cost that allows, you can search the contents of the parcel that fits their needs. In essence, before you buy the parcel should determine in advance who will receive the parcel more useful later on that parcel.

Pay attention to the content of the parcel

He next way to be done by you to buy the parcel is to look at the contents of the parcel. It’s very important for you to do, let alone the contents of the parcel which will be chosen in the form of food and drink. Buying Christmas parcels containing food and drink, of course, do not know the exact date of expiration in the food and drinks because it has been carefully wrapped in plastic wrap and a beautiful circuit. Therefore, you should be more careful to look at the contents of the parcel or ask directly to the seller. If you buy a parcel of food and live how the expiration date or expiration, of course not make good ties, but will make a feud. Therefore, make sure that the contents of the Christmas parcels intact and well. To eliminate the doubts as Savvy consumer should choose Fill in the form of food parcels and parcels with a drink or make their own. If you want to create a Christmas atmosphere in a more romantic with the contents of the parcel of interest, you can order flowers online in Malaysia.

Consider the price of the parcel

If you want to buy the parcel, not only determine who will receive and carefully on the contents of the parcel, but you have to consider the price of the parcel. The atmosphere of Christmas, of course, plenty of shops and supermarkets that sell a wide range of parcels with varying prices. Therefore, you can choose a Christmas parcel in accordance with a wallet that does not make your Christmas celebration wasteful. You do not judge parcel of the price, but the sincerity you to buy the parcel that will be given to another person. If you want to buy the parcel at a price that fits your finances, try to buy in Christmas hamper Kuala Lumpur because here you will find a wide selection at a price of existing parcels.

Make this Christmas moment as the moment to strengthen the fabric of friendship with the people who are around you by giving one of them a gift parcel.

It’s always flowers became a way to express feelings of happiness or sadness. Giving a bouquet of flowers has become a tradition for a long time. Giving bouquets to others either being happy or grieve expected that person will feel happy. Many people who use a wreath to represent himself who cannot attend in person to congratulate or mourning. Many bouquets that can be representative when they cannot attend. Well, to be clear again, here are some of the types of bouquets are popular:

Flower board

bunga papan

Flowers are flowers strung board using the board as a main medium. Flowers are usually sent with the aim to congratulate and mourning. Flowers boards are normally shipped with the intent to congratulate, as congratulatory wedding, creation of new companies, and the inauguration of the office. To make the required interest board it is easy enough interest, plywood, lumber, and Styrofoam.

Flower wreaths

bunga krans

The next bouquets are popular evergreens flower. Where this flower is one of the flowers used to express condolences to relatives or siblings who receive disaster. The round-shaped wreaths that are made by using various kinds of flowers and leaves. Usually evergreens flower is placed on top of the iron or wood. Flower wreaths themselves directly created using original flower. Interest in the series evergreens such as lilies, roses, daisies, etc. In addition to flowers to beautify the ornaments on wreaths of flowers plus the various types of leaves.

Standing interest

bunga standing

Standing wreath is a wreath of flowers similar to the board. The difference flower flowers standing with the board, which is like a flower standing flower arrangements for the tables. However, the container for flowers standing somewhat high because the put on top of the standing that size can reach 1 meter. These flowers can be placed in front of the entrance. If you want to congratulate someone else, then it could be written on the tape. Standing flowers can also be used for various events, such as weddings, opening stores or boutiques, seminars, birthdays, and other events. If you want to compose him standing interest should select the flowers with bright colors.

Hand bouquet

bunga tangan

Hand flower bouquet is hand flower arrangements that are used when there are weddings. Hand flower is used when the wedding to express love to someone. Flowers are often held by the bride’s wedding when that will be thrown to the invited guests, especially teenagers. Flowers thrown by the bride and groom hand is believed to be good luck to get a mate and getting married. The hand that holds interest often is the bride. How to make a flower other hand is also fairly easy to manufacture board’s flowers or flower wreaths that take a long time.

Faithful types of bouquets of course have different uses. Therefore, you must know in advance of the types of bouquets it

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlower is a plant that can beautify the home page. In addition, interest becomes an attraction for lovers of flowers for stress relief. In addition to attractive colors and fragrance of flowers that can make people more comfortable. Flower is a plant that is practically difficult, difficult easy to quickly fertile. This is because there is no interest has been treated but the result is not satisfactory as the interest is not heavy because of the lack of maintenance performed optimally. Well, to get lush flowers, of course, you should attempt to perform maintenance. The treatment you have to do is the following:

Using arable land

Ground becomes a very important thing to consider in planting. To get the flowers should be cared for using the media fertile soil. Arable land has the characteristics of soft and black. By using the fertile soil can accelerate plant your flowers look lusher. In addition, arable land should be diligent in providing fertilizers such as compost. Regularly provide fertilizer makes the soil more fertile and planted flowers will be faster fertile and faster for flowering. The more you get fertile soil, the faster you are caring for a quick flower fertile. Flowers were treated with fertile, would be a more visible display a beautiful flower.

Cleaning the leaves wither

The leaves wilt quickly become one barrier fertile flowers. Therefore, you must take care of the interest by cleaning the leaves wilt. With withered leaves discarded plant will make it faster to more fertile. Cleaning the withered leaves also make pests that are around the plant could be lost. Cleaning the leaves is also not only making your flower plants quickly fertile, but also makes plants more beautiful to behold. The more you can pay attention to the good, then the better result in getting. Additionally, you must be careful when cleaning the withered leaves that branch is not disturbed.

Provide fertilizer

No less centrality to make so fast fertile flowers is to provide fertilizer. Fertilizer become an important role in both vegetable and flower plants. Using fertilizer will make the plant become quickly fertile. Use more natural compost that overlooks lush vegetation. With fertilizers you can provide on a regular basis like 2 times a day, then you will quickly lush flowers and quickly see the results. To be good, you should do the fertilizer by itself so that the results are better and more secure.

Is a true crop plants prone to pests that can affect plant growth processes that result in infertility. Therefore, you should pay more attention to plants, particularly flowers that quickly become fertile. Well, that’s a few ways you can do to take care of your flower plants so manicured and lush quickly. Additionally, if you do care flowers by planting flowers in pots, then you have to adjust the planting medium with great interest will be treated.

Before Christmas comes in, most people usually buy hampers at online and offline shops. My friend likes buying hamper online because she assumes that this activity enables her to save money, time, and energy. Her assumption is true because customers don’t need to get in taxy and wait for couple minutes to pay hampers. Besides, they don’t need to walk around each store which provides hamper. Image how tired they are when walking around department store. The worst part is when they don’t find the right hamper at all.

Thus, shopping online can be the right choice. Do you plan to buy Christmas hamper Singapore online? If you do, make sure that you avoid doing these so you don’t regret at last:

hamper singapore

Not check reputation of online store

This is a big deal because trusting unprofessional online stores will make you trapped in fraud. Furthermore, you will waste a lot of money. To avoid getting the problem, check reputation of online store! Make sure that online store you choose was established for more than 2 years. Besides, it has many customers and serves all customers politely and well. How to check that you trust a good online store? Call its existing phone number and check its website. If you don’t respond fast and get difficulty in navigating in its site, you should not trust it. Also, don’t forget to read its customer testimonials to know quality of its product and service.

Here, you are highly recommended to buy Christmas hamper on Flower Advisor. Why? It is an international online florist offering high quality hamper, gift, chocolate, wine, teddy bear, flower, and so on. If you want to get more information about this professional online flower shop, follow our Twitter soon.

Not compare the price

Never make a deal in hurry before comparing the price. Realize that there are many online shops offering reasonable and friendly prices out there. Therefore, why should you buy expensive hamper if you can buy reasonable one? Of course, you need to save money so you can reduce your monthly expenses.

Not pay attention to hamper’s content

Most online buyers don’t pay attention to hamper’s content in detail. After looking product, they usually make a payment soon. Actually, they don’t know what contents are. This makes them regret when knowing that hamper does not match with their expectation. Blaming online store is not a good choice because it is their mistake. For this, before making a deal, pay attention to hamper’s content. This will not make you spend much time because you just need to read the description and ask customer service if you feel confused.

If you need tips on buying hamper online, consider reading this article, okay. Hopefully, you can give hamper to your beloved ones.

Has a large area and good for cultivated plants, why do not they become discouraged growers of ornamental plants. Being an ornamental plant or flower growers is a great opportunity to earn income without limit. This is because the interest is often needed by many people, either as decoration weddings, meetings, graduations, or at certain moments. In order for ornamental plants managed to bring in a profit, of course, the flowers are cultivated to be a flower that is often needed by many people. Well, here are the flowers in question:



Orchid flower consists of various types, there are orchids month, sugarcane, hartinah, black, slippers, larat, fiber, stuberi, and so forth. Many people require not only as an orchid flower ornament or decoration, but also flowers hand. No wonder that the interest rate is one of the most frequently searched. Meanwhile, terms grown ornamental plants is to not let it be in a puddle. For alternative growing media can be used as wood, coconut powder, and broken tiles.



Flowers Adenium classified as one of the flower that is quite unique because the stem tends to contain. These flowers are also a lot of people used to be placed in the yard of the house because it can make the home page beautifully cool. Well for cultivation, flower Adenium requires enough sunlight to help its growth to the maximum. Avoid ignore inundated by water for too long because it can inhibit the optimal development. To reproduce vegetative, adenium could do transplant techniques. However, pruning should be done in order to become irregular shape of flowers.



Chrysanthemums are often sought after to serve as home decoration, both outside and indoors. Of course, the chrysanthemum is also nice to be cultivated. For planting chrysanthemums require relatively humid temperatures compared Adenium flowers. However, no means chrysanthemum resistant to waterlogging but rather to assist in the formation of roots to be strong and fast growing. When rainfall is relatively high, the alternative can be used for planting the flowers are planted in plastic house building. For media used good with loose soil so that plants can flourish.

Dracaena Massangeana

Dracaena Massangeana

Dracaena ornamental plants Massangeana is one kind of plant which is often sought after by many as an antidote to indoor pollution. The selling price is also quite high, around 40 thousand Indonesian Rupiah in accordance with a large, elegant, and beautiful flowers. Seeds than plants that one can be obtained from parent plants that have been aged approximately 3-4 months. To grow optimally, be sure to put this plant in locations that can receive sufficient sunlight.



In addition to ornamental plants dracaena Massangeana, yellow palm also become the choice of many people to be used as a decoration in the room, be it at home or in the office. This is because the yellow palm has the same benefits as dracaena Massangeana ie as one of the means that can cool the room so it could be free from the threat of disease, such as asthma. Well, for the planting of yellow palm should use native seeds and not be a child in order to maximize results.

If planting flowers already started, make sure you always keep its growth well, that is, besides watering also cultivates flowers.